Reviews From Past Guests

Amazing in every way

Words can not describe how amazing this house is. The feeling of luxury was immediate upon walking through the front door. There are so many unique and beautiful aspects of the house design that I found myself constantly looking around trying to soak it all in...until I watched the first sunset from the house, and from then on I have never been more relaxed in my life. I loved all my excursions as well, the Jungle and Beaches are right there and truly beautiful, but I loved going back to the house every evening for the sunset. There is also an extremely friendly and very helpful staff that without them my trip would not have been nearly as enjoyable. Go's worth it! - Guest: Jonathan P. (Long Island, NY), Date of Stay: 12/28/11

Paradise Found

This Balinese estate is truly magnificent with every amenity. The Balinese design elements, the furnishings and gardens are exceptional. It is extremely comfortable!!! The ocean views, abundance of wildlife, the sunsets and star gazing are amazing. The staff is very friendly, especially Jorge, and really enjoyed the farewell brunch the staff prepared. The local beach is beautiful and was totally deserted. There were plenty of local activities to keep the most avid adventurer busy (we did the ocean kayak tour to Playa Ventanas) but it was difficult to leave such an amazing, peaceful house. Guest: SB (St. James, NY USA), Date of Stay: 02/06/12

The place where native beauty and the good life collide

I leave a piece of my heart and a promise to return to this transformative place. Loved, loved, loved everything. Annie B ( Sands Point, New York)
Date of stay March 2013



There aren't enough superlatives to describe this oasis…. this paradise.

You start to feel the healing powers of Villa de Agua from the moment you enter. I can't thank you enough for providing the most wonderful vacation of my life. I am returning home feeling renewed and restored…… and a new passion for Costa Rica and this amazing Villa. Peggy (Long Island, NY) Date of stay March 2013


Amazing house in all ways

The house and garden are exquisitely designed for beauty, comfort, and to fit in with the beautiful local environment. So perfect i almost didn't want to leave to hike or kayak. Kitchen excellent for cooking. Each bedroom has an ocean view. The house staff were friendly and helpful. Guest: Bill (Philadelphia PA USA), Date of Stay: 02/06/12


Heaven on Earth

This was a journey to a world that could never be replicated in this life. It is a masterpiece which fills the soul with tranquility, serenity and unparalleled wonder. Although the amenities are unsurpassed, a sense of being amidst a pristine natural environment prevailed. Whether I was watching the sunset in the Pacific, or listening to the sounds of nature, I felt that it was mine alone, to gaze upon and revel in Nature's bounty. The bedrooms and guest quarters were constructed to provide maximum privacy for each member of our group with views to the north, south and west and a private balcony for each. Bathing in the negative edge pool at sunset, or under the stars as the evening ended will remain with me always. In 68 years of life, I have never had such a magical experience The staff is warm and friendly and only there to make sure your every moment is one to remember. Jorge, the House Manager, catered to our every whim and made our stay even more memorable. If you want to spend an idyllic vacation in an architectural work of art, are seeking privacy amidst the flora and fauna of Costa Rican splendor, this is one experience not to be missed. Guest: Garrett (New York City)
Date of Stay: 12/28/11

Words from a Rising Star

This was my best holiday ever! Amazing house, amazing people, amazing memories. I LOVE Costa Rica! I'll be back for sure! Don't let the music die! - InnaGuest: Inna (Romania), Date of Stay: 03/09/12


Hamptons Travelers

Our stay at Villa de Agua was saturated with luxury and relaxation from the monent we arrived. Greated by an uber attentive staff with fresh cocnut water and icy cool towels, our travel tension melted away and two weeks of lux pampering began. As we were given a tour of the house, the attention to detail was eveident from the start but as our days unfolded, it seemed that we were experiencing certian areas of the property for the first time. Our room was exceptioally spaciuos (We were in the main floor Master Suite) and had everythig we could need for the two weeks we were there: complimentary beach bags, sarongs for the ladies, and a fully stocked mini fidge. The butler arranged for our every whim and fancy: massage, kyacking tours, fabulous chef cooked meals and great lazy days at the beach. The decks and terraces are so spacious that we practiced open air yoga every morning followed by tropical fruit smoothies to die for. There were six in our group all with differing interests. Some were happy to never leave the property and there was no reason to! others more adventerous, explored the jungle and local towns. There is plenty of great dining in the area and near by Manuel Antionio offers spicy night life. the house has a fully equipped kitchen for cooking in , breakfasts and lunches etc. A few of my favorite memories: toucans in the trees, outdoor showers, chela the property dog ( so sweet), fresh guanabana, blue butterflies, perfect sand dollar on the beach, the matress ( sooo comfortable), orchids every where, margaritas!, afternoon nap in the palapa, perfect sunsets, perfect sunsets perfect sunsets every day! I know this is a gushing review but our stay was so incredible I cannot think of a negative issue. I have never returned from a holiday so relaxed and fufilled. We are already planning how we can get back there next year.Guest: tony (southampton NY), Date of Stay: 02/06/12